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Connectify pro FULL+KEY 7 MB

Efficient and convenient, Connectify is a quick solution to turn a PC into a Wi-Fi access poinT or repeater to extend the reach of its network. The whole is convincing and surely seduce a wider audience. To discover and monitor!
To share files or internet connection via Wi-Fi in Windows, create a wireless ad hoc network via the wireless network and sharing center. However, this method has several disadvantages. In addition to being limited to peer to peer, the bandwidth is reduced and must be connected to the internet with a secondary NIC to share the connection. To remedy this, Alex Gizis Nomadio the company has found a way to exploit an integrated inactive functionality in Windows 7.

Connectify lets you turn your Windows 7 computer into a real Wi-Fi hotspot Unlike the ad hoc mode, several computers can connect simultaneously and you only need one card Fi It became an Internet Wi-Fi hotspot while remaining connected to the Internet via another point access point. Finally, the set offers a grip faster and a higher level of security WPA2-PSK.

How? After a quick installation, the application will be lodged among the notification icons in the taskbar. Click on the logo consists of three arcs of white circle. You simply set the wireless network name in Name, specify a password, then select the item wireless Internet connection in the dropdown menu. It will do more than click Start Hotspot to start the process.

2.2 New Connectify: Connectify 2.2 provides increased compatibility with Open VPN, better management of resources, especially regarding UPnP, and a redesign of the interface. In addition, the software ceases to be regarded as a threat by Microsoft Security Essentials.

Note: During the installation process, uncheck "Install Crawler Toolbar" and click the "Install" button option.