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DescriptionAVG Mobile Security AntiVirus PRO for Android ™ is the premium and comprehensive version of AVG AntiVirus FREE application. It's a mobile application security that allows you to protect your phone and your tablet against viruses, malware, spyware and online exploitation in real time.New! Blocking of calls and messages.Protect yourself against spammers, hackers and scammers.Blocker calls and messages alert you to suspicious text messages and also allows you to filter and block unwanted calls and messages.Download AVG Mobile Security AntiVirus PRO today■ analyze the apps, settings, files and multimedia content in real time;■ turn on geolocation of your lost / stolen phone via Google Maps ™;■ lock / empty your phone to protect your privacy;■ terminate tasks that slow down your mobile device;■ navigate the Web safely;■ check the battery use, the storage and mobile data package.In addition to these features that are available in our AntiVirus FREE application, when you install the premium version, you also get:■ Lock app - set a password to control access to certain applications and secure at all times.■ Saving app - save applications from your device to your SD so you can restore them when you need card.AVG Mobile Security AntiVirus PRO:■ protects you against malicious applications, viruses, malware, spyware and phishing attacks;■ identifies unsecure device settings and suggests how to address them;■ can be configured to perform daily analysis, weekly or on demand.Application features:Theft and location of the phone:■ locate a lost or stolen phone and get the help to find him via Google Maps ™;■ lock your device remotely;■ make your phone ring even in silent mode.Secure web browsing:■ doing research, shopping and surf social networks with confidence. If a suspicious URL is detected, you will be redirected to a secure page.Tune-up:■ be informed when your battery is below the specified level;■ optimize the internal and the SD card storage;■ move applications or games from the SD card and internal storage;■ Traffic Control: Follow your plan using 3G/4G data.Slayer tasks:■ eliminate tasks that slow down or freeze your device.Local suppressor:■ completely delete the contents and restore the default settings of your device;■ manually select specific data and information to be deleted using the advanced functionality.Lock app:■ lock applications to protect your privacy and safety or lock your device settings in order to secure the configuration.Saving app:■ backup applications from your device to your SD so you can restore them when you need card.Join our community Google+: https://plus.google.com/100980563945740871346/postsJoin our Facebook community: http://www.facebook.com/avgfreeFollow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/AVGFreeFollow our blog: http://blogs.avg.com/Google ® is a trademark of Google Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Google Maps ™ and Android ™ are trademarks of Google Inc.