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Adguard ver.5.6.864.4574 +Full Size1.5 MB

Adguard ver.5.6.864.4574 [Multi]+Full

Program name: Adguard
Version: 5.6.864.4574
Release date: 02.08.2013
Language: English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portguese, Russian, Serbian
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/x32/x64

Adguard 5.6.864.4574 is a new release of the popular Internet filter Adguard. Not only it protects you from unwanted ads, it protects from phishing and dangerous websites too. While working siltently in the background, it automatically removes advertisements from the web pages you visit, thereby saving your traffic and reducing the page loading time. The program supports both 32x and 64x Windows versions, and it works with all popular browsers.

New release brings a completely reworked Adguard Assistant module and an integration with Web Of Trust service. We also added a new feature so you could turn off Adguard's UI, while it keeps filtering using the minimum resources.

Key features of Adguard:

1. Saves time and nerves;
2. Works with all popular browsers;
3. Easy to use, works just out of the box, needs no tuning or customization;
4. Comes with a browser module for manual ad blocking;
5. Updated regularly;
6. Works on 32x and 64x Windows versions.

Release notes for 5.6.864.4572:

+ Completely new Adguard Assistant module
+ Automatic program updates
+ Adguard is divided into Windows-service and GUI-client
+ Web Of Trust integration ΓÇô know which websites to trust
+ Improved browsing security module
+ New filtration module for Windows 8 Modern UI applications

- Some websites rendering problems
- Slow browsing security module updates