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Anime Battle Stadium 3.3I.w3x

Anime Battle Stadium 3.3I.w3x

Map AnimeBattleStadium 3.3I by SPHOENIXZ (Update 25/08/2013)
Aos Hero 3 way.
Only 27 Hero in this map - Map By SPHOENIXZ
Support Map By nookaiser Deva CrAzy._.Kirito Ryougi Shiki

Anime Battle Stadium 3.3I Updates 
Anime Battle Stadium 3.3I ( Bug fix version of 3.3H)

【Skill Changes】

-Adjusted Skill E's cooldown.

-Reduced Skill R's size from 700 to 450.

-Fixed Dragon Force bugs.


Boss Mode:
-Buffed Blue Goli(Blue Goli now have 400 damage,10000 HP and drops 300 gold when killed.)

Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Sunken Ruins
Dimensions: 160x160
Playable Area: 158x156
Recommended Players: Anime Fan
Size: 8100.7 KB
Download: HER