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How to tag friends in comments both from mobile and pc

How to tag friends in comments both from mobile and pc

Facebook added a new features to tag in status updates and other posts from the Publisher. It's other way to let people know who and what you're want to talk about. People often update their status to reflect their thoughts and feelings, or to mention things they feel like sharing. Sometimes that needs to referencingfriends, groups or even events they are attending .
For example, posting "Hey how are you kibria" or "Can you please help me kibria, how can i tag a friends in comment?". Now, when you are mentioning your friends name in your status, he or she may not get the update. because,you did not mention your friends name technically.For that reason
I want to share the technique with you all so that you can use the new features of facebook ,Lets start.

Lets know How to tag in comment from Mobile phone

Follow the Instructions with pictures
1.The code you need to write is like this @[Here is the facebook id of someone:]

How to Know your facebook ID

2.Write on your browser address bar like this http://graph.facebook.com/username [Note: Don't add WWW before graph]

How to Know your facebook user name

3. Go to your profile page and click info, here you will find your user name. [Note: If you didn't create your user name,you must create it] 
Now follow the step 1 and use the red part in any comment or status for tagging friends. 

Thats the way you can tag your friends from mobile.

Lets know How to tag in comment from computer/pc

1.Its very easy, just Type @ in any status or comment, you will see a drop down menu of your friends list.
2. Select them and tag them.
how easy to tag from computer.
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