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iExplorer + Serial

Intelligently Transfer Music to iTunes 

With iExplorer, getting music and other media from an iPhone, iPod or iPad to your 

Mac or PC couldn't be any easier. You can search for particular tracks, listen to 

them directly from your device and even drag and drop them to your computer. With 


touch of a button you can copy those songs and even rebuild playlists directly from 

your device into iTunes. 

Avoid Duplicates, save Meta-Data 

If your music collection is scattered across multiple computers or devices; 


is the tool that will help you finally unify your music library. With iTunes 

duplicate detection, iExplorer intelligently skips copying dupes from your device to 

your computer tracks so you can easily recover playlists or everything from your 

dusty old iPod without having to worry about swapping your computer with thousands of 

redundant tracks. And did we mention that when you do import music into iTunes, 

iExplorer saves your meta-data, such as play counts, ratings and other info? 

System Requirements: 

Windows XP, Vista, 7 or later 

iTunes 10 or later