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FUBAR Destroyer 2013 v4 Full

FUBAR Destroyer 2013 v4

A new, and even more destructible version, of this evil application!

As usual, this application is made with 1 purpose only: To destroy all data on a chosen computer.

This cannot be installed silently or remotely.
You will be given 2 warnings upon installation:
First warning will tell you that you are about to destroy your computer.
Second warning, reminds you this once again, and tells you that there will be no turning back.

Installation takes only a few seconds.

On Windows Vista/7/8, this application will disable UAC (Windows User Account Control).
This means, that a reboot is needed for this application to work perfectly.
It will work, even without a reboot, but it will not be able to run silent, without the user knowing.

On Windows 2000/XP, this is not an issue.

After installation, nothing more will happen. (A reboot might be required)
Next time any user logs into Windows, this application will run and permanently WIPE AND DESTROY all files on all harddisks and removable disks on your computer.

Now, remember:
You will be able to uninstall this application, but the damage that has already been done, is permanent and cannot be recovered!

Tested with:
Windows XP 32bit/64bit: OK
Windows Vista 32bit/64bit: OK
Windows 7 32bit/64bit: OK
Windows 8 32bit/64bit: OK

Here is how to uninstall:

1. Boot up in Safe-Mode.
2. Open the Registry Editor (regedit.exe).
3. Browse to this key:
4. Delete the value named "FUBAR Destroyer 2013 v4"