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Genie Outlook Express Backup ver 6.5+KEY SIZE 3.6MB

This is an ancient program that - hey - probably nobody wants...  But I still use Windows XP, and, Outlook.  I actually had been using Thunderbird for the last few years but the damned thing hangs up so much that I just threw in the towel.  Genie Outlook Express Backup 6.5 is an extremely simple program that will backup Outlook Express, easily.  Newer versions of this program offer a lot more features, none of which I care about.   There's a keygen included and this thing is so old (circa 2002 or something) that it's certainly no virus threat (I think this thing was released before viruses were invented - not really).  My guess is that this will not work with Outlook from something like Office 2010.  That's my story - if ya' want it, here it is - come and get it.